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Morgan Robinson

Morgan Robinson has been teaching at Father's Heart Ministries for 5 years. She is the choreographer for all of the student outreaches.  When Morgan was a child she had a passion to become a teacher. Her love of children grew as she volunteered at numerous churches in the nursery programs until she graduated from Jeannette Senior High School and went on to pursue a degree in Art Education. Her visions changed and she got her Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art/Metalsmithing. However a few months after she graduated, she lost her father to a drug overdose. This is when she rededicated her life to serving God. Her love for children never diminished and God placed her as a volunteer at Father's Heart Ministries. She has since become the Director of the Kingdom Kids Programs (Ages 1-12).  She loves to see "her kids" every week and looks forward to helping them grow in Christ and overcoming the struggles that they face everyday.  

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