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We love God. We love people. We love conquering the darkness.


The Father’s Heart Ministries, Inc. is committed to providing avenues of restoration and hope to those confused, lost, and broken; in order to break the cycle of poverty, addiction, and desolation, and to revitalize both our local and surrounding communities by introducing them, through living examples, to a personal, ever-growing and unconditionally loving relationship with Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to making true and authentic help both available and accessible to broken individuals and families who are seeking reconciliation by providing a safe, nurturing, educational, and interactive environment for both men and women who desire to be liberated from any form of chemical dependency or life controlling issues. We facilitate an environment that is grounded in biblical principles and geared towards encouraging men seek and find their purpose in life and calling of God.  


Meet the Board

Jim Petrarca

Jim earned his degree in economics from Rutgers University and currently works as a medical sales specialist with Johnson & Johnson. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife Linda, and two daughters, Lindsey and Marissa. Witnessing life changing transformation of men and women through a faith-based program along with an exceptional children’s ministry inspired Jim to get more involved with the Father’s Heart.

Ross Perrone

Ross graduated from the Control Data Institute in New York. Ross also graduated from the New York Institute of Technology with a Degree in Computer Science. He served the NYPD for three years and studied Criminal Law at John J. College in Manhattan, New York. Ross is also a proud Graduate of Brooklyn Teen Challenge and the current founder and owner of Perrone's Contracting, LLP. Ross also enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife, Carol, son, Charles, and daughter Elizabeth.

Brad Culleiton

Brad attended Carnegie Mellon University. Brad manages and has been a partner in Rusmur Floors for 37 years.. Brad enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife, Linda, and four daughters, Lauren, Elizabeth, Brynn, and Molly. Brynn, also, is a successful April 2015 graduate of The Father's Heart Women's Program. Brad has been heavily involved with Father's Heart Ministries ever since.

Scott Cornish

Scott is a Real Estate entrepreneur and founder and owner of Scott C. Auto Sales. Scott is a passionate buyer, seller, and collector of classic cars. He is a proud husband and father to his wife, Kim, and three children, Frank, Elisha, and Anthony. Scott also funds a Recovery Program in Mexico and serves on the Leslie House Board of Directors. Scott just celebrated 30 years of sobriety and The Father's Heart Ministries and honored to have him.

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