Edward Slate is the youngest of seven brothers and raised in a quaint country home by a single mother. By the age of 20 he was married and had two children to his now wife, Glori. The pressures of Life led Ed down a path of destruction and into the arms of alcoholism. It was during those troubling times that the Love of God fell upon Ed and began to experience a radical transformation that reset the course of his life. Edward now devotes his life to serving the Kingdom of God through various ministries. He has a natural ability to relate to Men who are coming out of self-destructing lifestyles.

Edward is an ordained minister, former self-employed carpenter, a real estate entrepreneur, and holds an Associate’s Degree in Clinical Administration. Edward spent five years as a volunteer staff member at the Brooklyn Teen Challenge. He travels monthly to the Westmoreland County Prison where he ministers to men who are incarcerated. He is also an active member of Kuwanis Club in McKeesport, PA. Edward is currently serving as the Men’s Program Director at The Father’s Heart Ministries, Inc. Edward is a living testimony to God's Grace and lives to share the Love of God that changed his life.

Edward Slate

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