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Henry Taliercio

Henry Taliercio was formerly a participant in organized crime and a drug user for 21 years. Engrossed in a lifestyle of gambling and robberies to support his drug habit, a potential robbery victim used Henry's own knife against him to stab him five times. Eventually, after waking up in an abandoned building as he lay helplessly in a pool of his own blood, Henry hit rock bottom.

Shortly afterwards, in 1984, God brought Henry out of darkness and into the marvelous light of Jesus Christ following his introduction to a Christian rehabilitation program.  In the months and years to follow, Henry's life was radically changed for the glory of God, where he immediately became interested in ministering to others with life-controlling problems. Since that time of restoration, Henry began working with homeless people on the streets of Manhattan, and also became the director of an outreach center in Brooklyn, NY. Subsequently, in 1995 Henry provided service as an Associate Pastor at Word of Life Ministries in Greensburg, PA for many years. During that time he also became a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, received his Bachelors Degree in Theological Studies, a Masters Degree in Christian Psychology, and his Doctorate in Clinical Christian Counseling.  Henry Taliercio is the Founder and Executive Director of The Father’s Heart Ministries, Inc.

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